Saturday, September 27, 2014

The peak of 1920's occult book publishing

In the 1920's English publishing companies released many attractively designed titles on the occult and the esoteric.

Here are some striking examples of the imaginative beauty that went into the design of some of the bindings of the 1920's esoteric books published in the United Kingdom.

Contacting The Others

The variety of experiences within the tradition.

Angels, John Dee, 1659.
Incubi and succubi, d'Ameno, 1882.
Spirits, Underwood, 1896.
Aliens, Pazzaglini, 1991.

The Astral Afflictions of Mrs. Deane

From F. W. Warrick's book, published in 1938 by Rider, which was based on his extensive experiments with Mrs. Ada Emma Deane. Strange luminous phenomena erupted during more than one occasion.